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This Is – by Far – the Biggest Threat to Your Investments

investmants Have you ever noticed that nearly all the world’s surplus rests on Wall Street… or maybe in the City of London? I think this is something we should pay attention to. So, let’s face it directly for a moment: All the big investment markets are owned and controlled by the Western aristocracy: by politicians, high officials, mega-corps and deep-state operators. These people are fully in control of the markets; they …

The Snowden Effect

SnowdenEffect I’ve never met Edward Snowden, so please understand that I’m not trying to besmirch his character. And the truth is that I was thrilled when his disclosures hit. I was managing a professional-level VPN and traveling widely, warning people (who were often skeptical) about state-level surveillance. Edward Snowden vindicated me. But it’s now becoming clear that there is a serious down-side to the Snowden disclosures. I’ve been noticing it in …

Evil Is Weak

EvilIsWeak For clarity, let’s define “evil” as “the willful abuse of other humans.” By this definition, any person or persons who purposely manipulate other humans to their own ends – anything from tricking them into a bad business deal to extorting money from them to murdering them – are engaging in evil. Evil Almighty? From television, politicians, and endless “authorities,” we learn that evil is pre-eminent. God may be supremely powerful, …

We Are Great

great Every time I write one of these pieces, a certain number of people freak out, and often quite vocally. But it’s a huge mistake to define ourselves by what we’re against, and darkness is not all that exists in the world. And we are magnificent creatures. I want my writing to help humans realize that this is true, and to start acting on it. Decrying what is wrong has a …

The Breaking Dawn: a book review by Jim Davidson

firstreview Many of the readers of this publication will remember Paul Rosenberg’s book A Lodging of Wayfaring Men with considerable fondness. Some may be aware that he co-authored, with Sean Hastings, a book titled God Wants You Dead. I don’t think very many people in our community are aware that Paul has also written extensive technical manuals on electricity and electronics. He’s quite prolific.

Hustled Through Life

Hustled Most people, sad to say, are too rushed, frightened, and confused to think about what they really want out of life. They are hustled through school, forced into long-term decisions before they’re ready to face them, then held to those decisions by fear and shame. They choose from a limited set of options, and they know that change will be punished. Eventually they get old and find time to think, …

The Problem with the Crypto Debate

CryptoDebate There have been some important public debates about cryptography recently, and, unfortunately, the loudest voices have understood the problem the least. So, I’m very pleased to post a paper on the subject by someone who understands the fundamental issue: my associate at Cryptohippie, Jonathan Logan. If you have any interest in this subject, please give this paper your time. And if you know others who are interested in the debate, …

The Military-Evangelical Complex

Military-Evangelical There are evangelical Christians whom I love and respect. Nonetheless, it’s time to face this: The military-evangelical complex is not just politically dangerous; it’s a corruption of the Judeo-Christian tradition and thus of Western Civilization itself. Definition Let’s start by defining this clearly: The military-evangelical complex is an intricate partnership between the US government and thousands of churches, typically evangelical. These churches support and glorify government-authorized violence. Their messages to …

The Hidden Payoff in the Brussels and Paris Attacks

ParisAttacks I don’t have any more secret information than you do. I don’t have access to any of the backrooms that matter, and I don’t get leaks from “informed sources.” I do, however, have experience with protecting data and with a variety of things “crypto.” So, what I’m telling you now isn’t verifiable… but it’s very close to accurate. The Missing Piece When looking at the recent attacks in Paris and …

Centralization vs. Decentralization

centralization While the 20th century unequivocally belonged to the centralization of resources and capital, both human and monetary, we are now undergoing a shift of seismic proportions in the 21st century. And understanding this is so utterly crucial to your personal wealth. The issue of decentralization is one of the most important discussions of our time.

The 18-Year-Olds’ League

18-Year-Olds My dream of what could be. In 2016, after realizing that humanity had been at war for some 6,000 years with seldom a break of even a single year – and very often in a dozen places at once – a simple thought appeared in at least a hundred young minds scattered across our planet: It’s not the evil old men who keep all the wars going; it’s us, the …

With Millstones Around Our Necks

Millstones Filters off. Today I rant. Humanity has been progressing steadily over millennia. The terrorist empires of the ancient world are gone. Chattel slavery, a filthy curse upon our species since several thousand years BC, was obliterated in Europe a thousand years ago and remains in only a few barbaric corners. Humanity is healthier and better fed than ever in history, and by a huge margin.

50 Years of Failure

Politics Several decades ago, Saul Bellow wrote this: For the first time in history, the human species as a whole has gone into politics. Everyone is in the act, and there is no telling what may come of it. At this point, however, we can say what has come of it: failure. Politics has failed to deliver on nearly every promise it has made since the 1960s, and I think it’s …

Is There a Limit to the Government Abuse Americans Will Accept?

GovernmentAbuseAmericans Any student of history learns that people will put up with horrific government abuse before they do anything about it. And so I’ve been watching for years, waiting to see how much abuse the Western world, and Americans in particular, will accept from government before they admit that they’re being abused. In dark moments, I’ve even wondered whether this time was different, whether the natural human reaction against pain had …

A Lesson from Devon Avenue

DevonAvenue While little appreciated and little studied, there is a gigantic difference between forced associations and free associations. But if you pay attention to the issue, you’ll find that the very act of forcing people together carries a poison in itself. And that poison inevitably bears bad fruit, whether in ethnic hatred, the formation of street gangs, or simply the evils of bullying. Whenever it is that forced associations are examined …

“Law” as a Jedi Mind Trick

mindgames About half the time it is used, possibly more, the word “law” is nothing more than a Jedi mind trick. There is nothing noble, righteous, or even ‘conservative’ about it. It’s a way for you to be abused via ignorance and inertia. We’ve all seen this trick in action, of course. It’s very common. And, sadly, more or less all of us have fallen (or rather, were pushed) into it at some point.

14 Words to Teach Your Children… If You’re Honest

TeachYourChildren Imagine a pretty spring day, you’re standing on your front porch or some other pleasant vantage point and looking out at a sunlit landscape: trees, grass, and singing birds. Then your five-year-old child or grandchild walks up to you and tugs on your hand to get your attention. You turn and the child asks, “What kind of world is this?” What do you reply? This innocent child deserves the truth. …

Banning Cash: Serfdom in Our Time

BanningCash Over the last few months a stream of articles have crossed my screen, all proclaiming the need of governments and banks to eliminate cash. I’m sure you’ve noticed them too. It is terrorists and other assorted madmen, we are told, who use cash. And so, to protect us from being blown up and dismembered on our very own street corners, governments will have to ban it.

Plan B for the Internet

planb I’ve been a wild advocate for the Internet since the beginning, and I still believe in it as a massively liberating technology… but not in the current, popular form. The Internet that we know has been recaptured by the power mongers with a massive assist from hucksters. It is, to be very honest about it, all but finished. And considering the massive inertia and mindless obedience of the dominant 9/11 culture, it won’t be saved.

What Rulers Believe

RulersBelieve I’ve been working on collections of quotes lately, and I have one more that I’d like to present… this one on the thoughts of rulers. For a number of years I’ve been telling people that the incentives faced by productive people and the incentives facing rulers (of whatever stripe) are very, very different. This list, I believe, will make that point.