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Farber’s First Essay

This podcast (published originally in an appendix to A Lodging of Wayfaring Men) was composed twenty years ago, while working in a difficult and even dangerous cypherpunk project. It expresses the things that were on our minds as we stepped away from the status quo and dared to build afresh outside of it.    

The Economy of Bandages, Splints and Duct Tape

I’ve written an unusual amount about the financial systems of the world over the past month. Honestly, I’ve felt that I’d be derelict not to. Please understand that I’m not giving you prescriptions. I trust that you are capable of making your own plans. My concern is that by living inside the present financial system, [...]

Commerce Has Been Polluted

I am a long-time advocate of free markets. Voluntary commerce is more or less the only moral way for humans to cooperate on a large scale; everything else involves coercion. And as a bonus, free markets work better than anything else. That does not, however, mean that free markets deliver perfection, or that private businesses [...]

Men Are Idolaters

“Men,” wrote Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., “are idolaters, and want something to look at and kiss and hug, or throw themselves down before; they always did, they always will; and if you don’t make it of wood, you must make it of words.”

The Kingdom of God PART 4: The Teachings

As you’ll see, this new model is something Jesus came back to incessantly. I find 19 instances in the gospels (not counting duplicates), and the fact that I could assemble that many is highly significant. Set in a modern book format, the four gospels contain less than 40 pages of unique material, and most of that is narration.

Fear, Shame And Intimidation Are Chemical Weapons

Imagine that some combination of circumstances end with you walking into a so-so bar, then accidentally causing some gigantic brute to spill his drink. Imagine also that this brute just learned that his girlfriend moved out, taking his bank account with her.

The Kingdom of God PART 3: The New Model

But if this was the good news – if what Jesus did was to open up a way to live as they do in the higher realms – then we’d expect to see some teachings on this subject.

The Fallacy of The Diversified Portfolio

Given the current state of affairs in the investment markets – particularly that fundamentals have long ceased mattering and tweets move the markets instead – I think a frank discussion is called for. It’s an article of faith amongst financial planners that one must diversify his or her portfolio; that their investments must be spread [...]

The Kingdom of God PART 2: The Good News

The very first thing Jesus says in our earliest gospel is that he has wonderful news, that “the kingdom of God” has arrived. Jesus chose these words with intent. Nowadays people hear them and think “Yeah, yeah, Bible stuff.” Even when they hear “good news” they still think of “Bible stuff.”

Without Apology

It’s up to us to improve the world. If obediently waiting for someone or something else could work, the dominating structures of the world would have improved long, long ago. But they haven’t, leaving the job to us. To do this, however, we must first change the way we look at ourselves and experience ourselves. [...]

The Kingdom of God PART 1: Introduction

I wasn’t planning on posting another of my discourses publicly, but the more I’ve considered it, the more I thought that at least one more was important. Christianity and Western civilization have been together since their beginnings, almost as siblings, and no civilization in the history of our world has been better for mankind than [...]

Epstein: Too Much For People To Take?

It’s profoundly dangerous to teach people things they’re not ready to learn. That’s why people who see pedophilia in high places keep their mouths shut. If they speak up, they’re likely to be chopped up by the friends of the pedophiles, and to the approval of an uncomfortable public. (I presume this is also why [...]

A Full Confession, Part Two

Martin continued talking for a while, but mainly about his childhood and early career. Then, he moved back to the problem that America posed to elite rulers. “In America, at least in the early days, people believed they were the primary factors; that they created rulership structures for their own sake… that the structures had no validity, except to serve them.”

Anyone Who Goes To Work For A Central Bank Coin Is A Traitor

There’s a time and place for just about everything, and this is a time to be blunt: Anyone who takes a job for a central bank or any similar entity, building a cryptocurrency, quasi-cryptocurrency or kind-of-blockchain-thing, is a traitor. Not just a traitor to Satoshi (though that’s very certainly true), and not just to the [...]

The Religion of Jesus PART 7: His Key Characteristics

Taken together, we see a picture of Jesus involving certain key characteristics: Jesus kept himself remarkably separated from the mayhem and issues of his day. Never does he get political or seek political solutions.

A Full Confession, Part One

You can’t write about this till I’m gone,” he said, “but that won’t be long.” I hadn’t been to Jay’s Bar since the events I recorded in The Rise of The Superfluous Class, and I hadn’t intended on returning any time soon, as much as I love the place. But I was invited by my [...]

The Religion of Jesus Part 6: The Religion Jesus Practiced

As noted earlier, it is by looking at what Jesus did without being prodded that we can learn about his personal beliefs. And so, following are the things Jesus initiated – things he did solely because he wanted to. This is the full list from the Mark gospel:

Structured For Magnificence

This episode of the Parallel Society podcast explains something that’s tremendously simple and is great news for us, but is at the same time deeply radical, going against the structure of the world we live in. And that’s a simple phrase: We are structured for magnificence.

The Religion of Jesus PART 5: The Advanced Man, continued

However Jesus ended up in 1st century Galilee (virgin birth or otherwise), he finds himself among people less developed than himself. He seems to know he has a limited time and needs to change these people from the inside – to clean the inside of the cup – so they can improve the broader world once he’s gone.