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Freeman's Perspective has just released a report on Bitcoin – the best ways to buy, spend and store it safely and securely... Written by a true insider of the "cryptocurrency" world.


Dear Reader,

It's no secret that the Bitcoin phenomenon has hit the mainstream. Prices have risen and fallen like nothing else - especially over the past few weeks. The chart speaks for itself:

bitcoin price

It’s been a wild ride for sure – a speculator’s dream.

But it’s also something deeper than that. It’s the start of a something important for freedom seekers…

… The first ever worldwide currency that can be moved around the world in total privacy in the blink of an eye…
… No inflation and central authority to manipulate supply...
… Totally based on the free market rather than the whims of a central bank...

Ultimately, it's a secure way for people to safely, securely and reliably move value across borders in total privacy…

At least if you know how to use it right.

And therein lies the problem.

The Majority of "Newbies" Use Bitcoin Wrong…

And End Up Losing for It.

Like most new things, there are both benefits to gain and risks to avoid.

Unfortunately, most of the people who signed on in the last few months are not aware of those risks and are putting themselves in danger:

  • Of paying too much to buy
  • Of losing access to their stash
  • Of having someone steal it right out from under them
  • Of accidentally "de-anonymizing" their transactions.

Thankfully, the difference between using Bitcoin safely and securely is just a matter of knowing a few tricks – and avoiding a few mistakes: some of which are obvious and some which are not.

Meet the Internet Insider…

90 Days Guarantee

Freeman's Perspective author Paul Rosenberg is extra knowledgeable in the world of "computer currencies" like Bitcoin. The reason? He’s a consummate Internet insider. He literally wrote the book on the first standard for fiber optic cables that carry all those bits and bytes on which the World Wide Web is built.

This gives him an incredible amount of access to those people who build and design such things – the coders and the hackers who understand this stuff better than we ever will (or want to).

He knows what makes this technology work and how to use it – and how to use it properly: as a way to conduct business with other people privately.

He's seen the mistakes many users make that give away this privacy and expose their holdings to outright fraud and theft.

And he's bundled it all – the practices to follow and the mistakes to avoid - into an easy-to-understand report that, even if you're completely new to the idea of Bitcoin, will get you started off on the right foot. In fact, a privacy expert just called it "the best explanation I've read of the Bitcoin phenomenon."

Heck, even if you’re familiar with the basics, you’re going to pick up a good tip or two.

I’ll tell you how to get this report in a moment but first...

Isn't Bitcoin Dead?

You might have heard of Bitcoin exchanges being partially or totally shut down in the last few months. The mainstream media would have you believe this phenomenon is dead.

Believing Them Would Be a BIG Mistake.

Yes, it is true that the governments don't like competition. And a currency that allows anyone to escape from the immoral currency monopoly represents real competition to them.

But just because a few exchanges go away, doesn't mean the Bitcoin system will. It can't. It was designed to operate just like gold or silver: once it's out there in day-to-day use, it's practically impossible to put it back into the bottle.

No, Bitcoin will stick around. And, if you could see what’s going on behind the scenes as Paul can, you'll discover that the best is yet to come.

These are exciting times in the world of Bitcoin. And you're invited to join us... It all starts by learning how... Which brings us back to the report.

Some Things You'll Learn:

  • Why Bitcoin isn't truly anonymous unless you follow these simple steps
  • The four things you need to use Bitcoin (you already have three of them)
  • The 3 kinds of "wallets" and how to choose the right one
  • Our recommended wallets for your smartphone and desktop computer
  • How and where to get bitcoins anonymously
  • How to spend bitcoins anonymously
  • How to protect your stash from theft or loss

... And a whole lot more. All with a ton of screenshots to not just tell you, but show you how to enjoy the benefits of this technology.

Turn Theory into Practice

Better yet, we'll actually give you your first bitcoins. Here's how

  • You set up your wallet.
  • You then send a request to us.
  • We'll send you back some Bitcoin.

Then, to help you practice, I'll show you how to transfer some of the bitcoins back to us. And, finally, we'll give you the practical experience of keeping your transactions anonymous.

And, as you'll find out in the report, these are the exact same steps you’ll follow to receive and send bitcoins to any other individual – or merchant for that matter.

It really is a step-by-step guide that will leave you not just "knowing" how to use Bitcoin, but actually "experiencing" it. It takes you from theory into actual practice.

90 Days Guarantee

It's Fully Guaranteed Too.

As with all of our products, if you aren't happy for any reason, just let us know and we'll give you a full refund – and you can keep the bitcoins we've sent you, too.

An Introductory Price...

Because you will get to experience Bitcoin (rather than just learn how it works in theory), this report could easily justify a price of $50-$60. However, this is a new product and it's important that as many people as possible learn how to use this revolutionary technology. For that reason, you can get the whole package – including the experience of sending and receiving actual bitcoins – for just $29 as part of this introductory offer.

Special Bonus Gift (for a limited time only)

Plus, when you choose to bring home Insider's Guide to the Bitcoin Phenomenon, we'll throw in one of our most highly regarded reports to date.

Entitled The Insider's Guide to Online Privacy, it shows you how to prevent the powers that be from watching and recording your every move online - and using it against you now or sometime in the future. Specifically:

  • The other (shocking) effect surveillance has upon us... as a subliminal form of mind control (sounds crazy, I know, but you'll soon see how)
  • How we got into this mess and why it's likely to get worse, not better, over the next few years.
  • How Web Surfing works and how to protect it... What you need to know to stop your Internet Service Provider from recording every site you visit and reporting it (often automatically) to various government agencies.
  • How to stop E-mail Snooping... The content of every e-mail you send is about as private as sending a postcard across the country. So long as someone has access to the "stream," reading your most private thoughts is as simple as flipping over the card… But, thankfully, this 22 year old "bulletproof" technology can make it nearly impossible for snoops to read... All the details included.
  • How to Protect Yourself in the Cloud. As more and more people use the cloud to store sensitive work and personal files, security becomes a major issue. Even the services that promise "encryption" aren't 100% safe (you'll learn why inside). However, by using this free Swiss based service together with some common sense, you can protect all your data using military-grade security algorithms and still enjoy the convenience of data access on any device anywhere in the world you have an Internet connection.
  • Computer privacy goes beyond just your Internet connection to your computer itself. If someone is determined, they can get hold of your physical machine and grab all your personal and confidential files that way... Here are 3 ways to ensure that, even if they somehow do get control of your system, your most sensitive data is fully protected behind an impenetrable wall of security. (Just don't forget your password!)

Till know, this report has only been available to paid members of our paid monthly Freeman's Perspective newsletter. However, this $39.00 report is yours free as part of this offer.

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Thomas Anderson
Editor, Freeman's Perspective

P.S. Even if you're brand new or a seasoned veteran, you're sure to pick up plenty of tips, tricks and techniques to use Bitcoin as it was meant – a secure, private and ultra-convenient way to trade with people and other businesses all over the world.

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P.P.S. Even if the mainstream media would have you believe otherwise, Bitcoin is not dead. In fact, quite the opposite. A few exchanges may be shut down, but its essence is getting stronger day by day. And more exciting.

Share in this "economic freedom revolution" with us!

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