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Christian Anarchy: Paul Rosenberg with Anarchast Host Jeff Berwick

christian anarchyIn this recently recorded interview, Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante (and host of Anarchast) interviews our very own Paul Rosenberg on what could probably be best described as Christian Anarchy.

From the commonly misunderstood legacy of Abraham to the misguided belief that Christianity and war inherently go together (in fact quite the opposite), there’s a lot of meat in here for people who have been trying to reconcile their Christian beliefs with the anarchist and libertarian philosophies.

Christian Anarchy: Outside the Matrix Author Paul Rosenberg with Anarchast Host Jeff Berwick

To watch the interview, click on the picture below.

[Christian Anarchy: Paul Rosenberg with Anarchast Host Jeff Berwick was originally published at Anarchast.com. For more information on Jeff Berwick’s The Dollar Vigilante, go to DollarVigilante.com.]

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