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Forbidden Seas and Barbarous Coasts

ascension island

[Today’s article comes to us from world traveler and quintessential “international man” Dr. Jack Wheeler.] Two Boats Village, Ascension Island, South Atlantic Ocean. “This is one of the strangest places on the face of the earth,” observed William Burnett, Commandant of the HMS Ascension  in 1858.  It remains so today. You might ask how an [...]

government against the people

All governments – communist, capitalist, fascist, monarchy, theocracy, whatever – survive on the skim. They take money from productive people, by force or threat of force. However prettied-up or justified this fact may be, it remains the central fact of rulership. It’s a simple but disturbing truth: A late-stage state’s modus operandi must always be [...]

sound of freedom

Join Ryan Brooks of The Sound of Freedom as he interviews Freeman’s Perspective author Paul Rosenberg on a variety of topics including: What Paul means when he says he lives “outside the Matrix” The good side of economic collapse The problem with hope The BIG problem with the public school system How and why to [...]

The Strangest Secret: Why You Should Run Away

why you should run away

One of the more instructive experiences of my life occurred when was when I was a teenager, barely sixteen years old. My dad, whom I had previously considered to be incredibly over-protective, put me on a cross-country bus and sent me, alone, to visit my grandmother, some two thousand miles away. For two straight days [...]

The Failure of the Libertarian Movement

libertarian movement

Turn on a television after midnight some time and watch the churches that offer prayer for the sick, the depressed, and the overwhelmed. At first you’ll probably be put off by it and angered by hucksters who are selling things that they can’t possibly deliver. But if you stay with it for a few minutes, [...]

The Shocking Results of Continuous, Systematic Abuse


We Americans like our movie heroes: Tough, free thinking, adaptive, willing to defy authority to save the people. The problem is, no one ever acts like that in real life. Cheering Arnie or Chuck or Sly is a long, long way from doing something heroic yourself – and the current batch of Americans are not [...]

Paul Rosenberg featured on Declare Your Independence Radio

declare your independence

In this energetic interview with Ernest Hancock of the Declare Your Independence radio show, Paul Rosenberg shares: How he first came to think like a libertarian as a teenager… thanks to the guys at the local gym How to take the entire complexity of the world and make it über-simple The parallels between the decline [...]

The Real Problem with Conspiracy Theories

conspiracy theories

It seems that applying the tag “conspiracy theory” to something is the new way to get rid of it quickly. Evidently, people have been trained to stay away from anything given that title, assured that they will be embarrassed and ridiculed if they don’t gain some distance. But while this association trick is of some [...]

Paul Rosenberg’s Interview with Ben Stone of BadQuaker.com

Paul Rosenberg interview BadQuaker.com

Ben Stone of BadQuaker.com recently talked to our very own Paul Rosenberg on a wide range of topics ranging from threats to Bitcoin to human nature, the New World Order to Biblical anarchy. Click here to listen to the interview (opens in a new window on the BadQuaker.com site). [BadqQaker.com is a web site owned [...]

What Is Liberty Exactly?

what is liberty

More or less every modern politician talks about “freedom” or “liberty.” Actually, they don’t talk about it as much as they use it as a magic incantation. They go on at length about “our free country,” but if you could get them to define freedom, that definition would be something along the lines of “what [...]

Children of the Ice Ages

ice age

[Today’s article comes to us from world traveler and quintessential “international man” Dr. Jack Wheeler.] Wilhelmena Bay, Antarctica. This is a land of ice caps, gigantic glaciers, and frozen earth. The waters of the bay are filled with icebergs, chunks of glaciers calved off and fallen into the sea. In a month or two, the [...]

Incompetence: Losing Money while Making Money

Losing money while making money

[Today’s article comes to us from Steve Sjuggerud, editor of alternative investment advisory service True Wealth.] How dumb are we as Americans? More specifically, how irresponsible and stupid is the U.S. government when it comes to our money? And how foolish are we to put up with this? “Wow, what’s got Steve so riled up [...]

Could an Inside Sneak Attack on Bitcoin Destroy It?

attack on bitcoin

This is important. I’ve been warning about an outside attack on Bitcoin for some time, but the biggest threat may come from inside: from people who profess to love Bitcoin. The people I’m talking about don’t love Bitcoin itself, and they don’t love the freedom it brings, no matter what they say. Instead they love [...]

The Bitcoin Threat: Real or False?

bitcoin threat

An increasing number of people have complained about governments and central banks in recent years, even using the word “tyranny” to describe them. They are, of course, called names in the establishment press: conspiracy theorists, mainly. Calling someone a name, however, does not erase their argument (at least not among rational people) and both the [...]

The Forbidden History of Smuggling

history of smuggling

Smuggling has been one of the most common economic activities of all time, yet it is all but absent from the historical record. Smuggling has fed the poor and provided a half-decent living to the workers of the world when they faced no other choice but grinding poverty. It was the one way to get [...]

Government: Do As I Say, Not As I Do


Guest Editorial from Bobby Casey GlobalWealthProtection.com Xenophobic and discriminatory immigration polices further demonstrate the depths to which government will sink to spy into the lives of Americans. The latest immigration bill is 800 pages on how to worsen the immigration situation, while using immigration as a diversionary issue to institute yet another spy tool on [...]

Paul Rosenberg interviewed on The Lew Rockwell Show

Paul Rosenberg Lew Rockwell

“Does the Internet Have a Libertarian Future?” … is the big question posed to Paul Rosenberg on the most recent edition of The Lew Rockwell Show. The answer is yes, but only if the proper actions are taken… Download the podcast here. (opens in a new window at lewrockwell.com)

Thomas Jefferson: “We Failed”

Thomas Jefferson failed

Thomas Jefferson – one of my long-time heroes – was convinced that he and his friends blew the chance they had to establish true freedom in America. I know that a hundred thousand self-praising textbooks, speeches, pundits and songs claim that Jefferson and the rest established freedom, but that’s NOT what Jefferson thought, and that [...]

The Saints Who Lost Paradise

Jamestown St. Helena

  [Today’s article comes to us from world traveler and quintessential “international man” Dr. Jack Wheeler.] Jamestown, St. Helena, South Atlantic Ocean. If you have ever heard of this little 47 square mile island lost in a vast sea, 1,200 miles west of Africa and 1,800 miles east of Brazil, it’s because here is where the [...]

Paul Rosenberg interviewed on One Radio Network

One Radio Network

Join Patrick Timpone of One Radio Network as he interviews our very own Paul Rosenberg on a wide variety of topics related to living a life of freedom. Some of the highlights: Some common misconceptions about the today’s government Why Founding Father Alexander Hamilton was actually a “very bad guy” The main problem with hope [...]