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Don’t Forget Your Plan A

[Today’s article comes to us from Dr. Joel Wade, a world traveler, former NCAA champion and highly regarded specialist in the study of true happiness (rather than the superficial nonsense touted by today’s pop psychologists).] It’s good to have a back-up plan, or a plan B, especially in uncertain times; but it’s also important to [...]

The Blow That Killed America 100 Years Ago

“There is a lot of ruin in a nation,” wrote Adam Smith. His point was that it takes a long time for nations to fall, even when they’re dead on their feet. And he was certainly right. America took its fatal blow in 1913, one hundred years ago; it just hasn’t hit the ground yet. [...]

Is the Government Out to Eat You?


This graph is a very typical display of the predator/prey relationship. It comes from a study on rabbits and coyotes, but the relationship is the same for all predator/prey tandems, from tiny parasites and their hosts to lions and antelopes. The predators always overfeed until the prey can no longer sustain them, then most of [...]

Why Are Your Children Buying Houses for Ben Bernanke?

Every now and then I like to look at government numbers and see what they really mean. I ran into this batch several months ago but hadn’t had time to play with them till now. What I found shocked me so badly that I ran them three times on a calculator and once using exponents. [...]

In the Land of Opportunity

land of opportunity

[Today’s article comes to us from Michael Busler, Ph.D., a public policy analyst and an Associate Professor at Richard Stockton College. Courtesy of The Project to Restore America.] About 237 years ago the leaders of our country gathered to form a new government. This land would be governed by individuals who were freely elected by [...]

The Fascist’s Guide to Business Success

business success

I was downtown last Thursday and ended up with an hour to kill before my train home, so I went down the station’s back stairs and around the corner to Jay’s Bar. It was almost six o’clock, so the crowd was a mix of corporate suits buying expensive vodka, tradesmen enjoying decent beer, and jobless [...]

The Beauty and Dignity of the Productive Class


At one time I lived very close to the Field Museum of Chicago; I had a membership and spent a good deal of time there. One evening, about ten minutes before closing, I noticed that workmen had begun preparing the first floor for an evening event. I had a panoramic view from where I stood [...]

How to Fix Detroit in 6 Easy Steps


The news is full of stories of Detroit, and understandably so. It’s an unmitigated disaster. But I know how to fix it. Seriously, I do! I have a plan that would cost the state of Michigan nothing – not a cent. It wouldn’t cost DC anything either, and it would turn Detroit into the most [...]

Commerce: The Permanent Rebellion


Commerce, by its very nature, is born free. And more than this, it forever fights to remain free. At almost every time and place, commerce evades regulations and controls; it serves its own will, not the wills of rulers. Markets spontaneously emerge at every opportunity, even when they are outlawed and punished. Commerce seems to [...]

Money Issues in the US: Why Can’t We Party Like It’s 1905?

money issues in the US

When writing historical things, I try to include perspective from people who actually lived through the events. And for money issues in the US, I’m able to do that back to about 1905. So, do you think life was nasty, brutish, and short in 1905? That there were poor and starving people falling dead on [...]

Liberty And Art: How And Why Libertarians Have Failed

liberty art

As I have noted in my “Failure of the Libertarian Movement article,” libertarians have generally limited their activities to marginally useful areas like politics and economics but have seldom used them to illuminate and free the human spirit. Liberty is ideal for freeing the human spirit, but we really haven’t used it very well. In [...]

Collapse of Capitalism: The 9 Plagues

collapse of capitalism

Let me be blunt: The collapse of capitalism is approaching. Or, perhaps better said: Our marginally capitalist, partly-free market systems are approaching a massive collapse. Not because of what capitalism is, mind you, but because the powers that be have bastardized it. Capitalism can bear many distortions and abuses, but it is not indestructible. And, [...]

productive class

The productive people of this world are being abused. We all know it and we all complain about it. And most of the things we complain about (taxes, stupid laws, politicians and bureaucrats doing ridiculous things) are backed by large, powerful systems. That is why I chose “systemic abuse” for this article’s title. The idea [...]

Top 5 Reasons I Stopped Caring About Politics

stop caring about politics

When I was young, I felt a need to understand politics, and I spent time studying. But as time progressed, I received diminishing returns on that investment. And in the past few years, I have given it up altogether. These days, my concern with politics is limited to things like these: Who is making war, [...]

The Questions of What If and What Now…

rights violated

Guest Editorial from Kelly Diamond Editor and Publisher for GlobalWealthProtection.com If the Government’s endgame is to find out “What if” Americans knew or saw a given thing, then Americans should be prepared to answer, in light of those revelations, the question of “What now?” You know what cracks me up? What happens when scandals like [...]

Trashing the Bill of Rights: Where America Stands Now

bill of rights

I know, I know. It’s a Russian thing. When we’re about to do something stupid, we like to catalog the full extent of our stupidity for future reference. – Susan Ivanova, Babylon 5 Perhaps I have some Russian blood in me. Even though I’m not particularly a fan of the US Constitution (I would have [...]

The Other (Worse) Side of the PRISM Scandal

prism online surveillance

The fallout from the PRISM scandal has reached Stage Two, where faces in front of television cameras promote memorable slogans to give people reasons to accept their abuse and to pretend that everything is okay. And, overall, these slogans and their promoters break down into to two primary models –  predators and battered women. Let’s [...]

Paul Rosenberg on Legalise Freedom

legalise freedom

In this interview, outside-the-Matrix author Paul Rosenberg discusses the rise and subsequent fall of civilizations throughout history. As from the interview’s introduction: The Seasons of Empire Over the ages, great civilizations and mighty empires have come and gone in a remarkably similar pattern. From Sumer to Egypt, from Greece to Rome, all have crashed from [...]

The Era of Fiat Currency Capitalism

fiat currency

I have worked long and hard to gather a broad perspective on history. I don’t doubt that there is value in specialization. In fact, I would have great difficulty doing what I do without good specialists. Nonetheless, my particular set of abilities suits me to play specialist for short, intense periods, and then to integrate [...]

Turn On Tune In Drop Out – A Modern Interpretation

turn on tune in drop out

This was a big phrase in the 1960s, as young people turned away from the corporate conformity of the 1950s and decided that they wanted more out of life than being an adequately-fed cog in a big machine. Let’s be honest and admit that the modern corporate script involves selling your own wishes and dreams [...]