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Greatest Crypto Project: Supplemental

After the first part of this series ran, I was surprised to find an archive of the Dodge City Times in my inbox. I had forgotten about the DC Times. It was our third newspaper, centered on Rex’s Dodge City system. And it too was a gas.

How Do You Describe Yourself?

This is a question that recently confronted me from several angles at the same time, and so I think it’s probably a good thing to look at. There are three fundamental aspects to this, the first two of which we’ll examine. The third is mainly out of our control. How do you describe yourself to [...]

As I walked out Mike’s door, I knew the newspaper would be worthless (and it was: a coup, a ferry tragedy, and the ubiquitous political crap), but by the time I reached the elevator I realized that I could use it as a reference for further thoughts. And so I got a few pieces of scrap paper from the man at the desk and borrowed a pen.

The Untold Story of the Greatest Crypto Project Ever – PART 6

By the time DMT was up and running, Dodge was winding down and closing, and the project was winding down. Soon enough (and especially because of Rex’s irregular activity), an audit committee was formed, and we went through all the records.

Science Has Won: Might Is Obsolete

Since the Bronze Age, human societies have been arranged around brute force. Even now, governments are monopolies of violence. More than that, the very structure of government serves one primary end: to deliver violence. All else is supplemental. This model has survived on the fear of the ruled. And fundamentally, that boiled down to a [...]

The Untold Story of the Greatest Crypto Project Ever – PART 5

The big argument against decentralized systems is that there’s no one to enforce conduct… that the powerful will be able to do what they want and get away with it. Please keep that thought in mind, remembering that Rex was the richest person involved, that he owned and controlled the central means of communications, and that most of the “important” people were on his payroll.

Why Cryptoanarchy Is Not a Revolutionary Movement

This important interview just arrived and I’d like to pass it along. (I had to edit for length. The full interview can be found here.) The interviewer was Tatjana, and we’ll begin with her introduction.

As we sat at the restaurant I began to miss home. I noted the strangeness of this feeling to myself: Here I am, about to hear things that no man has ever heard, and I’m feeling homesick… after just a couple of days. I’m sure it was the repetitive eating at restaurants – away from home – that set it off, but it made me appreciate the complexities of the human consciousness.

The Untold Story of the Greatest Crypto Project Ever – PART 4

Surprisingly quickly, Rex’s people put together a community forum called “Dodge City,” complete with a full spectrum of “early Internet”-style graphics. And give them credit: Dodge City quickly became a hub of activity. It fairly exploded with interesting people and ideas.

Why I’d Rather Live Under a Monarchy than a Democracy

Regular readers will understand that I don’t want to live under any dominance hierarchy. But the truth is that monarchy, overall, was a far less oppressive system than what now passes for democracy.

Robert and James got to Mankato at around noon, took their driver’s phone number for the return trip, checked into the hotel, cleaned up, and lay down on their beds. After a while, they took their prayer position and spoke quietly. “James, I think it’s just one person now, do you agree?”

The Untold Story of the Greatest Crypto Project Ever – PART 3

I am convinced that the reason Bitcoin survived isn’t that it withstood the attacks of its enemies, but because it withstood the foolishness of its friends. Our project survived long enough to reach its goals only because of people who held to their principles, defended them against foolishness, and above all, worked hard to keep things moving forward.

How to Defend Yourself from Ugly Stereotypes

This bit of advice applies to absolutely anyone who is being judged for variables outside their control. It was inspired by the kerfuffle surrounding the Gillette commercial. Whatever your take on that video, it’s clear that the debate around it is far more encompassing than the video itself. In the States at least, there has [...]

Return Engagements (Book One) PART 10… in which I recover

“Westward” brought Michael Burroughs to Rochester, Minnesota, and there to a stop. He exited the Interstate highway and meandered through the city, stopping at a grocery store to pick up some fruit, nuts, bread, and cheese. Then he headed out of town on Highway 14, going in whatever direction he felt a pull. He stopped as he crossed the Straight River (which wasn’t), got out of the car, sat on the bank, and finished his grocery store lunch. Then he took a walk and stumbled upon a long-abandoned mill.

The Untold Story of the Greatest Crypto Project Ever – PART 2

For someone who wanted to build a new world functioning privately and honestly, protected by cryptography, our base in San Jose, Costa Rica, was almost a dream… and more than any of us dreamed, probably. The investment tour was in early 1996, by my best guess. And it was a couple of years before the base was really set up; physical infrastructure …

Why “Conspiracy Theory” Is Hate Speech

“Hate speech” of course is a fairly silly term, since intent doesn’t necessarily follow the literal meaning of words. Let me give you an example: I once sold a house to a gay couple. The one of the pair I dealt with happened to be a really decent guy with a good sense of humor. [...]

Return Engagements (Book One) PART 9… in which I burn out

Picking up from Part 8, in which I waited for my companion and guide to die… leaving me stranded. The farther I drove, the more I relaxed, and that was proving to be problematic. For one thing, I was half-drunk and seriously worn out by the day’s events. For another, I’d been pushing thoughts out [...]

The Untold Story of the Greatest Crypto Project Ever – PART 1

While what we did wasn’t entirely hidden, it was only partly public. And for reasons that will become clear as we go, no one on the inside has wanted to talk about it until now. While these people didn’t do much that was actually illegal (at least so far as I know), none of them wanted any “special attention” from the powers that be.