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Adolph and the Free Sh*t Model

I really don’t like invoking Adolph, and I don’t like “swear words,” especially in headlines. But today I’m hard pressed to avoid either, and so I’ll just go with it. I can’t avoid Adolph because he said something more clearly than anyone else I’m able to quote. Here’s the passage: I have not come into [...]

The Separation of Righteousness and Politics

“Righteousness” is a seldom heard word in modern life, but the concept is still very much with us. In fact, political arguments all through the West focus on shows of righteousness. So, how does someone show themself to be righteous without ever coming near the word? It’s done with a simple trick that you’ll recognize [...]

Alex Jones, Big Tech, and the Deep State

They finally got to it. Alex Jones has been banned from Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, and I’m not sure what else… all within 24 hours or so, as I hear it. And he was not alone – others have been banned too. What I want you to understand is this: There’s only one reason this was [...]

Good Things in the Bible

The Bible has been loudly, publicly, and repetitively criticized for a long time, and it’s most vocal defenders have been those who demand that it be treated as a divine oracle. In other words, the public has been given a binary choice: Either the Bible is horrible, or else it’s divine and you’ll go to [...]

RIP Andrea Rich

I’m sorry to report that Andrea Millen Rich, proprietor of Laissez Faire books and many other things (see here) has died. More or less every obituary you’ll read about Andrea will point out that she helped unknown people get a decent start. This is true, and I was one of them. When I was finished [...]

The Monopolization of Heroes by the State

Television and movies are full of heroes. Drama could hardly exist without them of course, but have you noticed that nearly every hero in modern dramas is associated with the state?
Here are dramas playing on TV in my town tonight, with the heroes following: Hawaii Five-0 – Police; Blue Bloods – Police…

The West Has Lost Its Sense of Meaning

Please consider the wall hangings in this photo from a remote village in Belarus: And please note the plaque over the door in this painting of a home in Delft, in 1658: In both of these cases we see people inserting meaning into their lives. This is something very few people do in the modern [...]

The Eruption of the Shills

shill: A person paid to endorse a product favorably, while pretending to be impartial. If ever you wanted confirmation that ruling structures are biased toward conflict, you got it over the past two days. If ever you wanted confirmation that public intellectuals jump to obey power, you got it over the past two days. As [...]

Humanity Crucified on a Cross of Iron

A few people remember President Dwight Eisenhower’s Farewell Address, where he warned Americans about the rise of a military-industrial complex… a warning that was stunningly accurate and almost fully ignored. What almost no one remembers was Eisenhower’s speech in 1953, when he said that under the pressures of fear and war spending, humanity was “hanging [...]

Why Does the Law Not Warn?

Everyone who has children, or even nieces and nephews, understands that you have to warn a child before punishing him or her. If not, you teach the child a rash of bad lessons, like these: Punishment can rain down upon you at any time, with no warning. The world can’t be predicted. There are two [...]

How Cryptoanarchy Saved the World

The things that actually change the world are very often kept out of view. The stronger the mainline culture, the more the things that will change it are portrayed as weird, stupid, naive, and even dangerous. And so it has certainly been with cryptoanarchy. But however much ignored, cryptoanarchy has already changed the world and [...]

A New Day, a New Chance to Be Wonderful

Most people fail to appreciate the fresh opportunity that each day brings them. Their programming requires them to snort derisively at concepts like the one above. After all, the systems of this world are built upon the assumption that mankind is weak, stupid, and generally inadequate to a moral existence. As a result, most people [...]

The Foolishness of a Consumer Society

Do custom-embroidered powder room towels actually make your life better? If you think so, and if you’re not of the very few who care about towels as an art form, you’re getting your kicks from other people being impressed by you. You’re buying the approval of others… and you’re all being foolish together. Quality food [...]

Bitcoin and the Beatles

I’ve been involved with cryptography since the mid-1990s. That’s when I had my “aha” moment and realized that cryptography creates a terra nova the lords of force can’t penetrate. Progress, however, was disturbingly slow. We had great ideas, brilliant people, and even some impressive projects. But nothing really stuck. Disheartened, most of us gave up [...]

9/11: The Greatest Gift the Status Quo Ever Got

I’m not saying that 9/11 was anything but a sick, evil disaster. Nor am I placing blame for it on any person or group; I’m not interested in wasting time in that quagmire. What I am saying is that the status quo in America – compliance without question, shutting our eyes to abuse, and forever [...]

Bitcoin and the Power Grid

“Bitcoin is evil” articles exist in profusion, and these days I pretty much ignore them. But one of the recent types – raising awareness of Bitcoin’s environmental unsustainability – has engaged me. As it turns out, I have an unusual background to bring to this topic, and I think I should contribute. So, here we [...]

More Revolutionaries Are Coming

The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.
– Princess Leia, Star Wars

Assange, Ulbricht, Manning, Snowden… we’ve seen a slow stream of revolutionaries over the past decade or so, a few of whom became well-known. More will be coming.

How Science Became an Idol

I do not oppose science. In fact I advocate for it. But it’s also clear to me that science has been turned into a social weapon. More than that, it has been turned into an idol, and today I’m going to explain (briefly) how that happened. But before I do, I want you to understand [...]

Google’s Mendacity: The Selfish Ledger Decyphered

Few things repulse me more than someone born with a genius brain who then uses it to befuddle others and turn them into tools. A leaked video from Google showed up on my screen this morning. At first I was thrilled that we’d have evidence from the inside, showing what’s really happening at the home [...]

After several quiet months, I’m hearing of more and more people who want to get involved with cryptocurrencies, and not just buying and selling. I’m hearing about people who want to start crypto-related businesses, even things like crypto-themed bars. These people need some orientation and most long-time crypto advocates are simply too overwhelmed to help [...]